How Are Slot Machine Jackpots Taxed?

Are you looking to get into gambling online? If yes, or if you’re already an avid slot machine player, you must have asked yourself this question: How are slot machine jackpots taxed? The answer is: it depends on the country you are playing in.

Are Slot Machine Winnings Taxable?
Slot machines in Canada

Slot Machine Related Taxes In Canada:

If you are a casual player living in Canada, then we have some very good news for you. When it comes to gambling, you do not have to pay taxes, everything you win will be completely tax-free. According to Canadian law, gambling activities are not classified as a fixed source of income, so your income will not be taxed.

The law does not require Canadians who do not earn a living to pay taxes on their income.

The only exception here are professional gamblers, who rely on gambling to make a living and must pay taxes. But keep in mind that this is the current situation-Canadian laws change frequently, which may also include tax laws.

Slot Machine Related Taxes In Australia:

If you live in Australia and like to play online slots, you’re in luck! Your jackpot in Australia will not be taxed. 

These are the three main reasons why Australia does not tax slot machines winnings:

  • Gambling is not considered a profession (it’s a hobby)
  • The government will not regard the profits of gambling activities as an income, but more like  a lucky result
  • Instead of taxing you, the government taxes the casinos.

Slot Machine Related Taxes In United Kingdom:

As a UK resident, your gambling income is not taxable. But, on a downside, you will not be able to deduct any losses that may be incurred during your gambling session.

Whether you win £2 or £50 million (you wish) by playing online slot machines, as long as you live anywhere in the UK, your big income bonus will be tax-free.

Slot Machine Related Taxes In New Zeland:

In New Zeland, if your main income is gambling, then you will be taxed. But, if you have another main income, such as a job or a side-gig that earns you more money than your gambling winnings, then your gambling income is not taxable. In fact, only professional gamblers get taxed on their winnings, since it’s their main and only source of income.

Slot Machine Related Taxes In United States:

In the United States, when a lucky player wins a prize, they can choose to receive the prize in cash or cheque. If the amount is large, payment is usually made by cheque. However, the IRS only forced casinos to report bonuses greater than $1,200.

Of course, all winners must present proper ID-a valid ID or passport. When the casino checks your identity, they will also check your age to ensure that your age is formal and legal enough to play. Because the minimum legal age for gambling varies from state to state, be sure to check before deciding to play.

Do You Have To Report All Of Your Winnings?

Yes! All gambling profits from slot machines are subject to federal taxes. And, cash and non-cash profits (such as cars or vacations) are fully taxable.

In addition to slot machines, lotteries, bingo games, keno games, poker or other chance game bonuses are also the same. Therefore, if the amount won on the slot machine is higher than $1200, the casino is required to report it. In other words, all your gambling profits must be reported as “other income” in the tax return on line 8 of Schedule 1 (Form 1040).

The W-2G Form:

In case this happens, and you have won a big victory (we hope to achieve this goal one day), knowing that the casino or other payers must give you the W-2G form, which lists your name and address And social security number will be very helpful. Therefore, if the bonus is reported through the W-2G form, the federal tax will be withheld at a rate of 25%.

However, if you do not provide your social security number (or your tax identification number), then in this case, the withholding tax is 28%. Either way, a copy of the W-2G form should be issued, showing the amount you won and the withholding tax. Similarly, a copy needs to be sent to the IRS.

Good thing is, not all gambling profits must comply with the IRS W2-G form. For example, regardless of blackjack, blackjack, baccarat and roulette, regardless of the bonus, no W2-G form is required. You still need to report your bonus to the IRS, but you do not need to pay through the W-2G form.

Even though this article doesn’t take into account all of the countries and jurisdictions, it would still be recommended to check out your local laws.

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