BitStarz Casino’s Never-Ending Wins

To be honest, there is nothing better than winning money and winning big money is even better! BitStarz Casino seems to be the lucky hotspot for major wins, and lucky players have nowhere else to find their lucky joy and enthusiasm except in this online casino.

Indeed, a $280,000 huge cash out happened on the game “Fruit Party Slot” by the famous developer Pragmatic Play. And all this right there on BitStarz Casino!

In an interview, the lucky winner mentioned being over ecstatic about his win. The young player couldn’t believe that he won $280,000 on a simple $56 stake. You usually never come across this type of crazy wins. Nevertheless, the player won at a crazy 5000x multiplier. The player also mentioned that it was one of his first times playing with real money. He even thought that he won during a session of “Free Play” before realizing that it was actual money.

And if you’re thinking that this doesn’t happen very often on Bitstarz Casino, then you’d be wrong. Just a couple weeks ago, while playing Crazy Times slots, another lucky player won just over 200,000 euros in a single bet. And a couple weeks before, another pocketed just over $100,000 while playing Greek Gods slots.

What Will The Players Do With Their Winnings?

The lucky players all had different plans for their winnings. One of them mentioned that he will be using his winnings to pay off his school debt. Another, said that he will invest all of his winnings in a real estate project he was interested in for a long time. The last one said that he will use all of his slot machine winnings to continue playing. While these are all good uses,for slot machine winnings, you can only imagine all the possibilities these players now have.

The famous “Win A Tesla” promotion on BitstarzCasino
The famous “Win A Tesla” promotion on BitstarzCasino

Why is BitStarz Casino so prone to winners?

This is a good question. Since its launch, BitStarz Casino has been bringing some of the best available games to it’s players. As well as some of the best recurring and limited promotions. From winning a Tesla (yes an actual Tesla), to getting thousands in deposit matches, BitStarz has been one of the most profitable online casinos for their players. 

Since the casino gives so much away to players all the time, they are more invested in their accounts and tend to spend more. And, as a general rule, the more you spend on online casinos, the higher your chances of winning something are.

The highest win ever on BitStarz totalled a bit over $2,45 millions, just a couple months back. Quite insane for such a new online casino (only been online since 2014).

BitStarz Tesla Giveaway

The Tesla raffle involves you and a brand new Tesla. For every $100 you will wager on BitStarz Casino, you will get a new entry ticket to the raffle. The company offers a cool alternative for players not willing to receive the Tesla. If you win, you have the possibility to choose a cash equivalent of the Tesla, to be deposited into your account. Of course, as you might imagine, you do not receive any entry tickets to the raffle if you don’t play with real money.

Mega Moolah $10 Million Jackpot

Another crazy progressive jackpot BitStarz is currently running is the Mega Moolah. By entering this progressive jackpot, you have the possibility of winning just a tad more than $10 MILLION. You heard it right: $10 MILLION. Really no reason not to enter if you already play and love online casinos. During the past two years, the Mega Moolah jackpot, reached an impressive amount of around $20 millions before being won. Just imagine winning $20 millions. That kind of win changes your life.

How a $16 BitStarz Bet Turned Into A $24,000 Win

Just a couple days back, a very lucky player decided to try out online casinos and loaded the small amount of $16 into his account. He opened the Golden Genie game and after just his first spin, he won just a bit over $24,000. This type of wins makes you wonder how some people just have all the luck in the world regarding online slots.

What’s Cool About BitStarz Casino (Other Than The Promotions)

The online casino allows you to deposit and withdraw money into your account by almost all the popular (and unpopular) payment gateways.

BitStarz also gives you the possibility to enjoy an almost endless amount of great games by some of the best iGaming software providers.

The seamless desktop experience translates very well to their desktop app and also to the mobile version. The mobile version works extremely well on modern smartphones (iOS & Android).

Furthermore, it is also one of the most transparent online casinos regarding their practices. They explain thoroughly how their betting systems and gambling systems work to their players. If you are interested, they have a whole section explaining the algorithms behind their featured games and how it’s fair for their players.

The favorite thing of the iGaming community that you’ll find on BitStarz Casino is: the blog. You may have not expected it, but BitStarz’s blog is one of the most fun and informative places on the internet. You will find daily updates on the community, the latest big wins as well as some slot machine strategies outlined and explained by experts. 

BitStarz Casino Review

If you are interested in learning a bit more about BitStarz Casino before opening an account. You can check the full BitStarz review by MrGamblesALot.

If not, maybe you want to jump right in, sign up here and get a match deposit bonus of up to $2,000 or 5BTC.

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